The realm of financial spread betting and other trading systems are continuously being developed.  Recently, there are new exchange traded funds or ETFs brought to the market by one of the biggest instruments in the industry nowadays, which is HSBC. It is in this light that more opportunities are now available to many investors, most especially to those who are engaged in the financial retailing.

We all know what ETFs mean in the world of financial trading. In a general sense, it is a kind of investment fund that is being traded in the stock exchange, which is also known as stocks. It holds a specific asset that can be in the form of stocks, commodities and even bonds. It is in this light that there are various types of ETFs in the financial market nowadays. Some of the most common are the indices, commodities, bonds, currencies as well as leverage forms of ETFs and actively managed types of ETFs. Specifically to what HSBC has launched, the MSCI India, Emerging Asia as well as China A Share, are included under the indices type.

These new instruments are expected to boom in the market as well as offer many investor good possible earnings and profits in the field of financial spread betting. As a matter of fact, these products are expected to have an equal footing with the other types of instruments and indices that have been circulating in the market already for quite some time. What this means is that they can match with the old indices in the market in terms of performance and price.

Well in fact, the price war has started already. For example, the MSCI Brazil that was recently launched by the company has marked a 0.6 per cent TER. This left behind or weakened the iShares by around 0.14 per cent. We all know that the TER does not represent the final costs; however, this is still useful when treated as a guide when it comes to financial spread betting.

However, like in any kind of instrument in the realm of financial spread betting, it also has its negative side. This is primarily because retail investors must watch out for the availability of the product. Furthermore, this can also be an extra challenge for all the retail brokers out there as well as financial advisers. The explanation behind this is because the trading would be completely useless if the instruments are not available in the first place.