New functionality from DF Markets.

New Functionalities for Conditional Orders
We have added a couple of new capabilities to our Conditional orders. The first one is the option of copy-pasting the orders – so it is now easier to build your trading strategies with them. The other enhancement is the display of expected returns from your Conditional orders so you can modify your orders for better results.

Closing Multiple Chart Windows
Up until now, you had to close your open chart windows one by one. From now on, you can choose whether to do this the old-fashioned way, or select between the “Close all charts” and “Close all charts but this” options.

DFTrader Now in Dutch
The DFTrader platform is now available in Dutch (desktop only). If this is your language of preference, simply select it from the drop-down menu when you are logging in to the platform.

Upgraded Web Charts

Some of our traders have been experiencing difficulties opening the charts in our web trading platform from iOS devices. This will no longer be an issue as we are rolling out new charts that work flawlessly in any browser, under any operating system.
What is more, you can now activate the “Advanced” mode to use a far broader functionality of the charts.

Improved Password Recovery
We have tweaked our password reset procedure and it is now even faster and more secure than it used to be. If you happen to forget the login credentials for your demo account, we will email you a link where you’ll be able to set a new password for your account. Keep in mind that if you need to recover a live account password, you still need to get in touch with one of our customer support representatives.

Facebook and Google+ Login

Opening and accessing a demo trading account with us has never been hard, but now it’s literally down to a single click. With no need to remember usernames and passwords, you simply select whether to use your Facebook or Google+ profile, click on the button and voila – you’re in and ready to start trading. The feature is available the desktop, web and mobile.