This is high time for the UK to start it’s policing in order to help protect the wealthiest financial institutions from various financial crimes and the City of London force shall not be exempted from this.

More than just a year only from the position, the commissioner of the City was ingrained or deep-rooted in radical programs of cuts as he battles the worsening threats of various fraudulent activities and cyber crimes. However, he remained focused in the goal of finding new sources of funds instead of scaling back the activities of his force, which included traditional beat policing in the streets of the Square Miles as well as in various acts of disrupting the Ponzi schemes or intercepting plots in the London Stock Exchange.

Well, it seems to be effective since the commissioner has already persuade several insurance companies to aid at least 8.2 million euro that will be used for a dedicated team that will tackled the issues on the insurance fraud and the like. Also, the commission has his eyes fixed in boosting the wider response of the country to economic crime. This is backed by an inter-network of the different regional units, which will then combat the worsening instances of fraudulent activities over the internet that are being organized by different gangs.

What the commissioner did is actually quite an achievement or a milestone. This is because in the perfect or conventional world, the funding to do that shall come from the money of the government. However, being a realistic commissioner, he admits that there is no money there to be used for this purpose in the first place. Hence, it is impossible to pursue with that ideal strategy. This is the reason why the insurance-funded model was conceptualized as an alternative to that.

On the other hand, in the short-rub, it is a fact that money is still in a very tight condition making the budget of the force for four years to shrink from 100 million to only 80 million by 2015. Given the said situation, it has to shed at least 100 from is 880 polices to cope with that condition.