Software colossus Microsoft is gearing up to launch its new financial trading portal in the UK on Wednesday, designed to provide traders with comprehensive access to the world’s most widely traded markets and investment vehicles through its strategic partnership with Saxo Bank.

In partnership with the Danish banking group, the platform will allow investors to trade on over 11,000 securities, in addition to CFDs, forex, derivatives and bond markets, and represents Microsoft’s first serious foray into the trading sector.

In addition to facilitating transactions online, the platform will also hook up with Saxo Bank’s proprietary analysis, educational and data tools, to create a credible proposition that could make waves in the online brokerage market.

Powered by Saxo’s existing trading platform, MSN Trader will be synchronized with Microsoft’s MSN Money website, combining news and resources with functional access to the world’s largest and most heavily traded markets.

While the service launches in the UK over the next few days, Microsoft intends to extend the offering throughout Europe over the coming months as it looks to strengthen its position in the finance and financial media sphere.