Spread betting and CFD broker London Capital Group has published strong results for the second half of 2010, pointing towards increased trading activity and account growth as playing an instrumental role in their recent success.

London Capital Group, one of the country’s largest financial spread betting and CFD brokerage groups, has announced strong results over the latter half of 2010, accounted for by an increase in trading volume and new accounts.

Trades per day were up 22% to 29,256, while revenue per client rose to just under £1,300, helping to reassure investors that the group remains on course to continue its growth and strong performance through 2011.

The publicly traded LCG controls a number of spread betting and CFD platforms, including two new CFD trading divisions which were launched over 2010 – Capital CFDs and LCG MetaTrader – which collectively incurred a loss of around £800,000 in respect of the costs of launch.

In addition to its CFD arms, LCG also runs Capital Spreads and ProSpreads, both leading providers of spread betting brokerage services in the UK.