Contracts for difference broker LMAX has launched its smartphone trading app, designed to allow traders to access their CFD and forex trading accounts remotely from their iPhone and Blackberry handsets, as the financial markets move increasingly mobile.

CFD and forex broker LMAX has launched its smartphone trading app, aimed at allowing clients with Blackberry or iPhone handsets to access their trading accounts and execute trading decisions remotely on the move.

With a wide array of account functions possible from within the LMAX Trader app, clients across other handset types can expect further app roll-outs in the coming weeks, as LMAX seeks to capitalize on the growing demand for mobile market trading.

Martin Thompson, CTO at LMAX said customers wanted to “take more control” over managing their capital, and as a result needed more direct access to markets on the move.

Available for free download from the Blackberry App World and the Apple AppStore, the LMAX app is the latest application to hit the market for smartphone traders, which many analysts have projected as the next big growth market for retail brokers.

Last Updated: January 28th, 2021