In the summer of 2010 we announced that London Capital Group, owner of Capital Spreads, entered Contracts For Difference market by introducing CFD trading on their platform. Customers could easily switch between spread betting and CFDs and manage their positions from one platform (Capital Spreads Launches CFD Trading).

In some countries, and even in the UK, financial spread betting is frowned upon as it has word ‘betting’ in its name. To eliminate this issue and target more markets, LCG launched a brand new website which offers CFD trading only. The website uses the same platform but offers only Contracts For Difference.

At the time of this press release we found only one meaningful review of Capital CFDs from As you will see Capital CFDs and Capital Spreads use the same margin requirements and spreads. Unlike most of CFD providers Capital CFDs do not have minimum commission requirements, thus making them the cheapest CFD broker on the market.