The United Kingdom’s FTSE 100 was able to ease off in its eight-month highs last week following strong employment data raised the ethereal interest of peaks and analysts highlighted regarding several firms weak earnings coupled along with increasing valuations.

Several key data revealed that the unemployment rate had plummeted to 7.1 % in the last three months or during the last quarter of last year despite the most positive and optimistic analyst predictions of a decimal point threshold wherein the Bank of England has contemplated about in raising its interest rates.

Moreover, the FTSE 100 share index on the interim was able to close down 7.93 points or 0.1 % at the 6,826.33 points which held 40 points below last week’s eight-month high along with the euro zone’s EuroStoxx 50 which was lagging way behind the rest. Moreover, the Royal Bank of Scotland plummeted 3.1 % following the UBS downgrading in which their respective stocks were sold from the neutral standpoint.

Shares in William Hill, were likewise issued a trading update last week which was badly hit by HSBC cut price targets of 350 pence which according to their representatives were way below the present performing level.
Finally, brewing giant SABMiller also fell for the second consecutive day after last week’s substandard and inadequate sales figure which was underperforming for the past week.