Potential high volatility and price gap risk in some currency pairs and European indices.

As you may know, Greece is currently in the spotlight with the upcoming referendum scheduled for Sunday, July 5th.

We would like to remind you that this event may have a strong impact on the markets when they open after the weekend, causing high volatility to financial instruments related to the Eurozone (currency pairs featuring the euro, as well as European indices).

Please make sure that you have sufficient free margin in your account to withstand potential wide market price gaps subsequent to the referendum, and undertake all the steps necessary to manage your risk and limit any unwanted exposure to the event, including potential closing of your positions or even a negative account balance.

Consider using guaranteed stop loss as even though they come with a price, your capital will be protected.

PS: Financial spread betting firm Capital Spreads has informed its customers that it considerable increased initial market requirements on major indices and forex pairs for the coming weekend.