Leading contracts for difference broker IG Markets has launched its New Zealand version of its iPhone CFD trading app, hot off the heels of similar launches in the UK, Europe and Asia as it rolls out its mobile trading platform worldwide.

The iPhone trading app enables investors to execute trades and manage their full account functionality direct from their iPhone, and has already proven a success with traders in other territories, as a more convenient, direct way to access the markets on the move.

And as more of the CFD brokerage market makes the leap into mobile trading technologies, the face of the industry is changing to become more tech savvy, mobile and more accessible to traders across the world.

By embracing new technologies and investing now in mobile trading platforms, IG Markets could help cement its position as one of the leading names in CFDs globally.

CFDs have become the instrument of choice for investors globally, with funds and private investors turning to CFDs in equal measure for their greater CFD leverage and flexibility. As a result, CFDs have grown to become a major part of the financial trading industry, and as such are an incredibly important market for brokers, who can earn substantial amounts in commission from each trading account. The move towards mobile trading by IG Markets isn’t a solo move, but it is nevertheless an important one as far as the industry is concerned, and the collective shift towards app-based trading will add a new dimension to the juggernaut that it CFD trading.

While IG Markets are by no means alone in their bid to dominate the mobile market, they are helping to shape and educate the industry towards trading on a mobile, on-the-go basis. In the process, we believe they could be working to help cement their position as the leading brand in CFD trading, and the early results from their similar launches in other territories are already showing signs of promise. Our advice to other CFD brokers is to seriously get behind this innovation, or risk being left behind in the marketplace.