Financial spread betting giant IG Index is reporting positive results following its launch of its innovative Custom Bets, which give traders the chance to stipulate their own terms for financial betting.

The market leading spread betting brand announced it was to offer clients the chance to set their own boundaries for financial betting, using a slide-bar interface to set criteria across market type, target pricing, stake size and bet duration. The Custom Bets interface then calculates odds in real time to present the trader with details of the potential risks and rewards of the transaction.

Designed to make small market movements pay for investors, and to introduce more flexibility into fixed odds financial betting, Custom Bets has already proven popular with IG’s online clients, and has been reflected on favourably in the financial press.

With a wide selection of markets on offer, including commodities and FX markets, Custom Bets allows traders the flexibility to take a range of different positions with parameters to suit their analysis of the market dynamic.

It remains to be seen whether the shine on IG Index’s Custom Bets setup can gain enough momentum to move beyond a quasi-novelty trade into the mainstream trading arena.