Global spread betting giant IG Index has just launched its free trading application for the iPhone, allowing traders to execute orders on the move from their mobile handset, and perform a wide variety of account management tasks including opening/closing positions, adding stops and executing other orders.

The launch comes swiftly off the back of the success of its streamlined iPhone browser trading platform, which proved hugely successful with traders as a more efficient way to manage their spread betting and CFD accounts through mobile browsing, compared with the regular mobile browsing experience.

Syncing up with media titan Thomson Reuters, the app will also give traders the chance to benefit from current world news and market headlines as they break, to make dynamic trading a more realistic possibility.  The app will also handle a variety of data, analytics, graphics and charts to give the trader even more control, and to help centralize the knowledge management component of effective trading.

Known for its constant research and new product innovation, Stuart Wheeler’s IG Index appears yet again to have taken a massive step forward in trading technology, to the benefit of spread bettors worldwide.  The functionality and usability of the app, available for download from the AppStore is industry leading, and beats hands down any competing apps in terms of power and range of accessible account features.

The benefits of truly mobile trading such as this are vast – I’m sure I speak for the entire trading community when I say it’s not healthy or sustainable to chain yourself to the trading desk 24/7.  The ability to get out and about, to carry on with your daily life while still being able to execute trades is a significant advantage over other trading platforms, and its much more than just a novelty innovation.

And with the value-add features beyond the basic account functionality, including the analysis and resources, IG Index has again going out of its way to deliver a significant innovation in the spread betting market.  For spread bettors that aren’t as yet trading with an IG Index account, this could turn out to be yet another factor to tip the scales.

Last Updated: November 4th, 2021