According to BMO Capital Markets Corp., investors who are searching for gains in gold should start contemplating the possibility of purchasing metal in Euros or Yen.

While spot prices that were quoted in dollars have very little changes for the year, the recent chart for this week reveals that the bullion denominated in both Euros and Yen are up approximately 10 % in this year.

Central banks in Japan and Europe are trying its best to restore weakening oil companies with more lively stimulus especially that the currencies have been in continuous depreciation.

Faster U.S. expansion alerted the Federal Reserve to put an end to asset buying as it edges closer to raising interest rates, sending the dollar higher against both currencies. This simply means that holders of the yen and euro are better off in gold.

The market is presently bearish about the Euro and Yen and some investors are looking at it more from the downside.

Gold was able to press forward in both yen and euro terms on currency-debasement concerns and was able immediately dropped delivery of 0.1 % this year to $1,200.98 an ounce last week according to Bloomberg generic prices.

In other denominations, prices were up 9.9 % to 962.83 Euros and was able to climb 12 % to 141.687 yen and by the end of this year, the bullion is expected to reach as high as 148,000 yen and 990 Euros. Prices in dollar are expected to drop as much as 2.2 % to $1,175.

The market and the political situation is affirming that the right thing to do right now is to own gold in Euros and in Yen.

It has been very clear that gold in Yen and Euros terms are moving quickly from the lower left to the upper right of the continuum and most probably will continue to show plausible signs of good economic activity for the remaining weeks of this year. Evidently, gold in dollar terms will continue its languish disposition.