Financial spread betting broker FinancialSpreads has launched a series of new differentials markets, allowing traders to speculate on the difference between market pairs over monthly or quarterly intervals., one of the UK’s most prominent spread betting companies has launched a range of new differentials markets, enabling spread bettors to trade on the difference between defined pairs of markets over the period of a month or longer.

The move comes following ongoing efforts at Financial Spreads to cut spreads and improve risk management for traders, with the introduction of guaranteed stops to prevent runaway losses and slimmer spreads on the most commonly traded markets.

Market pairs, such as FTSE100/Dow Jones are quoted on the difference between the two respective market prices on the closing date of the differential market, providing an additional layer of flexibility for traders looking to diversify their portfolio.

Adam Jepsen of Financial Spreads said that he hopes these new differentials markets will prove “very popular”, delivering increased flexibility and a means of trading on even tighter spreads than were previously possible.

In addition to the FTSE100/Dow Jones pairing, FinancialSpreads will also offer a range of other differentials markets including FTSE100/DAX 30 and Brent Crude Oil/US Crude Oil.