Financial Spreads, Britain’s multi-asset trading firm was able to fix their spread trading and spread betting markets for the second consecutive year. By utilising the Financial Spreads platform, investors can speculate on thousands of markets such as EUR/USD, crude oil, precious metals as well as whole stock market indices.

The priced offered by Financial Spreads track the underlying instruments wherein clients need no longer pay any stockbroker fees, the firm’s commission is laden into the spread which is particularly different between the option of purchasing and selling a particular market. Hence, the tighter the spread becomes, the lower the trading cost for investors will be.

Financial Spreads was able to keep tight its in-hours spreads that were fixed for the whole 2012 and 2013. This simply means that investors have been able to be consistent in their trading experience in popular markets with just a single point spreads.

Some providers even prefer offering their clients fixed spreads while other providers prefer variable spreads which both have merit options. Clients are provided with fixed spreads and some other companies may even provide variable spreads and on those platforms investors can expect to be as low as 0.8. points.

However, the trade off is that variable spreads on the same market will often times be as high as 3 or even 5 points depending upon the market being traded along with the level of volatility.
Variable spreads can be a lot tighter when the markets are relatively much more quiet whereas fixed spreads can be much better for investors especially during volatile market conditions.

It’s really quite frustrating when investors want to trade only to find a spread that is wider than what is relatively expected. Whenever that happens, the profits tend to be much smaller or losses will become larger than they might otherwise be. Having maintained prices fixed for the last two years, despite during volatile periods.

Moreover, the market is able to provide investors and clients alike with tighter spreads and clearer pricing. Throughout the past two years, the spreads offered on Financial Spreads trading platform were relatively fixed at 100 % of the time especially during peak trading hours.