According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an economic think-tank from the West, said that the Euro zone is in need of a breathing space in order to allow it jumpstart its revival growth. This was opined by the Secretary General of the said organization in a health check of the 17 nations in the single currency zone, which is being conducted on an annual basis. Further, decisive actions shall be made by the zone’s finance ministers. As we all know, this crisis in the area has affected the financial market in general including the transactions related to spread betting, futures, share dealing and the stock marketing in general.

This is because according to the OECD, the current levels of the funds are not sufficient enough in order to foster rebound and boost the confidence of the investors in the market. Well, this is quite evident since despite some efforts of the authorities in the zone, the economy is still fragile after the bailout of the Greek government for the second time around earlier this month. Metaphorically, the condition of the Euro zone is described as “stalling,” which means it needs to get out now of first gear in order to target growth its first and primary priority.

If there will be no decisive actions from the finance authorities of the different nations from the Zone, European Union will definitely face quite a tough future, which is tougher than what it faces right now. However, this is not to say that the government of Spain, Italy, Portugal as well as Greece did not make important advances related to this mater. Their efforts need to be accounted; however, the humps along the road still remain daunting. Hence, spread betting, contracts for different or CFDs and other financial instruments still seem to be affected.

The OECD also expressed that the weak conditions of the financial markets, economic adjustments as well as fiscal consolidations restrict the demand in the short run while restricting as well as the stability or growth in the long run. This s the main reason why the said organization urged the finance ministers of the countries within the Euro Zone need to have decisive actions right now so that the investors’ confidence will be restored and eventually support the demand that is highly needed now. Otherwise, it would be hard for investors to enter into spread betting, CFD trading as well as other financial instruments or investments.