IFC Markets earlier last week made public the release of new stock CFDs of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). This new set of mechanisms were added to the prior obtained stocks of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSC) markets as well as NASDAQ.

Much attention was seen towards stock trading which recently increased among traders and investors around the world. Taking great consideration into this expanding trend and growing demand, the IFC markets introduced the instruments for sample accounts only. Since the growing hype is surely gaining momentum, the same had been announced that the launching of new stocks for real accounts is well under way and the new instruments were added to the larger number of NYSE and NASDAQ stocks which will be composed of ten Russian stocks respectively.

The new stocks came from various sectors such as finance and trading, raw materials, energy of which energy is the leading commodity. What is even more interesting regarding these abovementioned instruments is the presence of liquidity which makes trading relatively quick and easy.
The IFC markets are currently providing its clients the best trading conditions for stock CFDs in which holders of open long positions on stock CFDs are given 100 % dividend adjustments which is more or less equal to the value of the announced dividend it previously paid.

The dividend is better appreciated if a long position on an instrument is open on the adjustment of the payout date. Hence, every opening of a position is followed by an automatic charge of the trading account which is 0.1 % of the position volume whereas for the closing position there is no additional cost of commission that is charged. Furthermore, leverage for trading stock CFD is marginal up to a ratio of 1:40 or 2.5 %.

IFC Markets are considered among the leading pioneering brokers in CFD markets and Forex. The company is geared towards making sure that they provide the best services and products so as to assure even to their most demanding clients.

For this very purpose, the company seeks to increase the number of trading instruments which in turn will provide services and offer better solutions that would cater innovations in trading which has become possible due to the new techniques and instruments developed by IFC Markets-synthetic CFDs.