DF Markets announced the release of a new version of their DFMobile trading application.
In addition to the stability and workflow improvements, they have expanded some of the existing features and implemented new ones.
mobile df trading

Second colour theme

DFMobile now features a new, light theme to complement the standard, darker one. You can easily toggle between the two and choose the one that best suits your preferences, depending on the ambient lighting when you use the app.

Added functionality in Charts

The charts have a new and more professional outlook – with an improved ‘landscape’ view and an option of displaying the Bid or Ask quotes.

Deposit/withdraw capability

Fund your account or withdraw money using your mobile device. From DFMobile you can access a deposit/withdrawal form, which you can fill out and submit in a few minutes.

User interface improvements

You will be pleased to find that some UI elements and layout details have been updated to give you better interaction with the app and more information about the traded markets.

Total LPI (Limit Price Improvements)

In the instrument’s Position Info window you can now see the total profit from the execution of all Limit orders at better prices than originally requested.

Stand-alone Settings screen

The app’s system settings have been organised into a separate screen, so now it is easier to manage them or check their status.

Voice Quotes (iOS and Windows devices)

If your device supports speechSynthesis, when you open the New Order ticket, a voice (in the app’s chosen language) will tell you the instrument’s name, Bid price, and current profit/loss – if you already have a position in that market.
DFMobileupdates automatically upon login. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is available for download from the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store.


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