Financial spread betting and CFD broker DF Markets have decided to remove the commission they charge on a Conditional order’s transaction value, effective 14:00 UK time on 18 August 2015.

You can use Conditional orders to build a whole range of trading strategies by linking up to 30 of them to every confirmed Limit/Stop. Once you set up the condition that triggers each conditional order, they will execute them for you at the best available market price – and you will be charged no commission whatsoever.

And since limit orders are mentioned, a reminder that on their trading platform all limit orders are executed at the requested price or at a price better than the one originally requested. This best execution allows you to potentially earn more money if the market moves favourably through your limit price. In DF Markets more than 50% of the limit orders are executed at better than requested prices.

You can see those limit price improvements directly in the DFTrader platform (desktop and web) by hovering over each position’s Info button – the Limit Price Improvement field, which displays the total profit from execution of Limit orders at better prices than originally requested.