Core Spreads have recently added some Weighted Differential (Future) markets to their Core Trader 2 platform.
corespreads differential
What is a Differential Market?
A Differential market is simply a way of trading the relative performance of one market versus another, i.e. The German 30 v UK 100. A Weighted Differential is a ‘pure’ differential; results are dependent on perceived divergence between economies, and they’re expressed in % terms, not in market direction which a ‘Points Differential’ relies upon.
We offer the following Differential & Weighted Differential markets;
•    Germany 30 / Euro Stoxx 50
•    Germany 30 / France 40
•    Germany 30 / UK 100
•    UK 100 / Euro Stoxx 50
•    Wall St 30 / Germany 30
•    Wall St 30 / UK 100
We believe that they are one of the only brokers in the industry to offer these markets.

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