The role of the miners in the past weeks has been really essential in making a rebound and pushing the blue chips higher and having a more positive outlook of the market in general like in spread betting, CFDs as well as futures trading and even share dealing. This was following the trends in the labour market showing that the economic recovery is indeed on the way.

However, it was noted by many investors and financial analysts that even though there were 18 points added to the FTSE 100, the volumes were thin and the investors were very skeptical regarding the next catalyst for this type of trend. This is in order to further push the market significantly higher. Well, the reason behind this scepticisms of many investors is coming from the fact that the next positive and significant catalyst is quite difficult to predict while the volume remains to be very low at the moment. Nevertheless, if the economic data and indicators continue to improve in the coming weeks, they will surely helps a lot to make things better.

In a long-run perspective, many analysts suggest that the performance rate of the FTSE 100 ca double in the next decade. This is in the midst of a miserable equity market as well as lots of grumpy brokers and investors. On the other hand, going back to the performance of the FTSE 100 reaching all time highs, there are also some indicators that remark positive performances. Specifically, there are some good news in the global growth, dividends, as well as buy packs and a lot more.

With the downfalls of different economies experiences in the past years, most of the experts in this fields as well as spread betting and even CFDS, futures trading and share dealing predict a good weeks ahead. As what some people would say, when the economy or market is down, there is no other way but to just go up. Hence, on the lighter side, it is reasonable to claim that the markets will surely be performing better in the coming days. Even though how small the increases are, they are still welcome in a recovering economy.

Last Updated: January 22nd, 2021