It seems that everyone is getting in on the spread betting and contracts for difference craze.  This time it’s Rowan Dartington, a reasonably small regional stockbroker base in the South West that’s offering the service.  It doesn’t seem to be aiming for the cheapest end of the market, more to assure that its regional position is not harmed.  They will be offering stop loss services as well.
There seems to be a pattern here.  People who can’t hope to dominate any niche within the spread betting or contracts for difference market are entering it.  As it is almost by definition an internet based product, it’s a hard one to justify by the cross-selling argument, and this is not a game that’s good to play if you don’t have a large volume.
Essentially any wealth manager or stock broker out there who is not offering a spread betting service is signalling “I am too small to do this”.  This is not to say that they will be a bad wealth manager or stock broker, as we all know that some of the most effective are small operations focusing like a laser on their segment of the market.  However it’s no fun for the people in the middle, such as regional stockbrokers like Rowan Dartington (as of the time of writing spread betting is not listed among the services they offer).
If everyone and his dog are setting up a spread betting service, this should be good news for consumers.  Well, yes.  However you need to know where you can get the best deal and only our spread betting comparison table has the ability to do this.  In the end we will get the best deals, but on this site we’re getting that end a little bit closer.