Market analysts have forecast a growth in CFD trading and strong market performance, in the run up to the bulk of third-quarter corporate trading announcements, which it is thought will point towards the effectiveness of current levels of UK growth while highlighting the short-term outlook for many of the world’s largest companies.

As companies across Europe and the US prepare to announce their trading performance for the third quarter, several prominent analysts have suggested that the coming weeks could point to significant earnings opportunities for CFD traders, suggesting long positions on resilient companies as the order of the day.

With very little rhetoric from CEOs in recent months, analysts at RBS have pointed to similar conditions in previous quarters of this year, which produced several key unexpected rises in equity prices – perfect conditions, they say, for CFD traders to profit from taking early long positions.

Of course, analyst’s recommendations are tempered by persisting fears over the volatility of equity markets, given the interplay of uncertain macroeconomic indicators from both Europe and the US.  However, for investors willing to sit out the right long CFDs over the next few weeks to months, the opportunities for earnings through going long are potentially lucrative as the global economic climate continues to improve.

Last Updated: October 21st, 2010