Financial spread betting company WorldSpreads have just launched a £100,000 competition for new and existing clients called ‘Ten-in-a-row’. All you have to do is to place 10 consecutive winning traders to share the pot.
Basic rules of the competition:
1. A trade is deemed to be a winning trade if the profit of the trade is more than 5 points.
2. Trades must be consecutive, meaning that you have to close trade 1 before opening trade 2, trade 2 should be closed before placing trade 3, and so on.
3. All markets offered by WorldSpreads qualify.
4. Competition runs between 15th of November and 10th of December. All trades must be placed during this timeframe.
5. Participants forfeit ‘Cashback’ bonus for the duration of the competition.
6. If no-one makes 10 consecutive winning trades during that period, the trader(s) with most consecutive winning trades will share the pot.

Please see the website for more details.

Unlike ‘Zero Spread’ offer, £100,000 competition is open to all WorldSpreads traders and rules are quite simple and transparent. Besides that, if no-one manages to place 10 consecutive winning trades then the trader(s) with most consecutive winning trades will share the pot. No matter what happens there’ll be winners and somebody will claim the pot.

According to Gary Thomson, Director of Sales Trading at WorldSpreads, 73% of the trades placed with WorldSpreads during the week starting on 8th of November were winning traders (source: presentation at The World Money Show, London)… That’s encouraging.