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Key Spreads
Key Spreads and Commissions and Margin Requirements
FTSE100 DailySpread: 1Margin: 60
Dow Jones DailySpread: 1Margin: 120
GBP/USD SpotSpread: 1Margin: 160
EUR/USD SpotSpread: 1Margin: 140
UK Shares Daily Spread: 0.10%Margin: 5%
US Shares DailySpread: 0.15%Margin: 10%
* - fixed spreads.
Trading Options
    • Financial Spread Betting
    • CFDs
    • Forex
Noteable Benefits
  • Wide range of markets
  • Easy to use trading platform

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About CityIndex

Founded in 1983, CityIndex is one of the leading names in online brokerage, with thousands of investors of all stages relying on the CityIndex platform to execute their trades. Offering positions 24/7 through a variety of trading mediums, including its intuitive proprietary mobile trading platform, CityIndex offers an array of markets and indices with deposit rates from as little as just 1%.

With operations in 50 countries globally, and over 1.5 million individual transactions processed every month, CityIndex is one of the larger spread betting and CFD brokers, offering the benefits of their brokerage experience and the expertise of over 500 expert staff. CityIndex were also the first brokers to offer downloadable trading platforms for CFDs and financial spread betting, and the first to launch their own smartphone apps for executing trades on the move.

In October 2014, CityIndex were acquired by GAIN Capital, making it one of the biggest forex and CFD provider with brands like FX Solutions, FinSpreads, Galvan and

Notable Benefits

CityIndex allows spread betting and CFD trading through one, integrated platform, making it easier for multi-product traders to build their portfolio, rather than having to switch between different accounts. A series of introductory webinars help make it easy to understand the basics of how different trading instruments work, while also helping new traders get to grips with the CityIndex interface - the next best thing to having an expert explain the setup in simple, step-by-step terms. Additionally, the CityIndex iPhone App allows for round-the-clock mobile trading, and the demo account function allows you to try your hand a trading and test out strategies before launching yourself into CFD trading for real.

Incentives & Bonuses

CityIndex accounts can be opened in a matter of minutes and with a few clicks of the mouse, and their training and knowledge resources are particularly easy-to-understand. The CityIndex Learn To Trade programme is also an added incentive for new traders, with special minimum trading levels, a suite of risk management tools and a series of reports, newsletters and trading guides to help get you on your way.

Introduction to CityIndex Trading Platform

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City Index Customer Reviews

There are 20 customer review(s).

Rating: 4Review by: DanielDate: 2018-08-09


A recommend from me as the MT4 platform is fast and offers some great charting tools.

Rating: 4.5Review by: Tom HanoldDate: 2018-06-25

Solid service

Used this highly awarded broker consistently for past 4 years with no real complaints

Rating: 4.5Review by: Andrew BarrattDate: 2018-05-02

Excellent Broker

Easy to set up and great educational tools. Fast deposits and withdrawals Reliable service. Excellent broker.

Rating: 0.5Review by: SimonDate: 2016-10-17

There for themselves

I've been with CI for years!!! Had several large looses, 000's due to their mistakes, so said. Final straw today seeing their spread go up 4 fold to knock investors out of a position... They will fleece all, go elsewhere if there is anywhere safer???

Rating: 0.5Review by: DaveDate: 2015-08-06

Dont Use City Index

I was hoping that City Index were different to the other rip off systems around. Having had my account for a year and being some £16,000 down I always maintained at least 110% margin (80% being the limit). Today a stock returned from suspension (QPP). City Index Closed out ALL my positions at 3 minutes past 8 at 74p for QPP. No calls, no emails, nothing. By 5 past 8 QPP was trading at 89p. I appreciate the onus is on me to ensure the account is funded, but the swift nature in which they acted is deplorable when I had never not once breached 110% margin and happily "lost" over the year £16k. Personally I wouldn't touch them. The operators are always harsh, brash and bordering on rude. They are there for one thing and one thing only, to maximise the cash amount they can take from you.

Rating: 2.5Review by: steveDate: 2013-06-18

opening an account

i would like to start trading with city index. they wont give me an acount when i applied, it seems because i have no experience? how can i gain experience and learn if they wont let me join?

Rating: 0.5Review by: AdrianDate: 2011-11-10

The broker wins

cant close trades on profit, losses exceed . tight stops taken straight away. Small position higher stop loss guranteed my recent profits using proper analysis. If u leave tight stops thats it they just come after it . Trade from daily charts minimised risk but intraday trades causes huge loss .

Rating: 5Review by: JonathonDate: 2011-11-10

Price action

started first day trading which caused losses more than gains, the spread brokers love it when u trade everyday. Changed strategy trading only daily charts price action only its more profitable than sitting everyday and stops are higher they cant close your position.

Rating: 5Review by: jimmyDate: 2011-11-10

wider spreads

Trade during news releases and market open you will get burnt. /the influx of orders and stops create a fire of sharp movements in price , rather wait till the market picks a direction dont blame brokers but your emotions , its your mistake they profit from and your strategy. Plan the trade trade the plan.

Rating: 1.5Review by: Scott woodsDate: 2011-11-01

Poor service

I recently opened an account with city index. Trying to close trades can sometimes be impossible. It took over half an hour to close a trade which was moving against me the other day. Their chart system packed up today as well while trying to close out of yet another trade which was also impossible until I had lost enough money that I was automatically closed out due to lack of margin left. While their chart system was down I logged onto ig markets to use their charts and the ftse was showing a 14 point discrepancy between ig and city. I queried this on the phone and was told that it doesn't matter as they are not ig. I thought that ftse would be at the same level on every ones trading platforms, perhaps I'm mistaken about that. Their pricing regularly slows to halt and sometimes freezes altogether, and you can watch the price roll by your stop losses without ever triggering them so you can watch your losses accumulate while trying to get them to answer the phone which I gave up on.

Rating: 4Review by: RichardDate: 2011-09-04

Pretty Good

Been using CI for over a year. I've made over a hundred separate trades and both deposited and withdrawn money many times. Noticed that the feedback wasn't too kind but can only call as i see it and they have always settled to agreed timescales. Occasional problems with larger trades but in the main they are reliable and trust worthy. A professional outfit. Invest with confidence.

Rating: 1Review by: JamesDate: 2011-08-08

Unfortunately I have to agree

I have recently opened a city index account, and although I am new to spreadbetting, I am not new to trading. The platform is just awful. Trades will not open promptly, they do not close promptly, the computer frequently sends back an error message if it sends anything at all (sometimes it just doesn't respond) all of which leads to frustration and emotion which causes mistakes. The charting system is quite primitive compared to other offerings and does not help very much with the trading process. Avoid.

Rating: 0.5Review by: joDate: 2011-07-25

shamefull service

do not use these guys the ages to close a profitable trade they dont play fair avoid

Rating: 4.5Review by: Tom DaleDate: 2011-05-27

Most Improved Provider

I've been a long-time user of City Index, so I'm probably in a better position than most to comment on the improvement in service in the last 12 months or so. The mobile trading function is the best in the industry and the online trading platform offers a range of tight spreads. The free seminars and webinars are a nice touch too - keep up the good work CI.

Rating: 4Review by: Jon MDate: 2011-04-04

The mobile app is the best out there

I've been using City Index for 4 months now, and I have to say that it seems all of the below issues have been ironed out. I've found the platform to be very useable, especially the mobile app, which is by far the best out there. they don't have great cash incentives, but the spreads are generally pretty good.

Rating: 0.5Review by: James StocksDate: 2010-12-03

I couldn't close my positions

I ignored some of the comments I read on this website before I opened an account with City Index, but I shouldn't have and I now understand why. Their trading platform is completly unreliable. Some days, half of my orders were not accepted for no reason - It's very frustationg not be able to close a winning or even a losing position. Don't bother with them - It's a very serious advice. IG Index, or probabbly any other one, is a much better option.

Rating: 0.5Review by: AndrewDate: 2010-11-28

Sharp Practitioners

I have lost a significant amount of money due to CityIndex's extremely poor client services. In my case they changed the Terms and Conditions without informing me, terminating several positions simultaneously, losing me significant funds. I made no profit with CityIndex: I initially made significant losses having been advised by their subsidiary Galvans (how on Earth they won those awards is anyone's guess). Having abandoned Galvan's 'advice' I began to make money back (but still in the red) before CI closed my positions without warming. I am in the process of making a complaint to the Ombudsman but am somewhat alarmed to hear previous posters claim that CI fabricate evidence. I am already witnessing this in my case. Still, it's well worth a try taking these scoundrels on.

Rating: 0.5Review by: OliDate: 2010-01-28


City Index is not a CFD trading website I would recommend, principally because of their horrible service. I also experienced a major technical fault with their website and was unable to close out a trade, which ended up costing me several hundred pounds, but my so called `representative' there clearly did not take my complaint seriously enough to warrant a response to my lengthy email - utterly useless. In addition, if you want to deposit money online that is not a problem but if you want to withdraw, you have to call them which is very annoying to say the least. Unless they dramatically improve their service, I would recommend staying away from this third-rate provider.

Rating: 0.5Review by: John KelkerDate: 2009-11-07

City Index Scoundrels

City Index operate Interactive Investor CFDs. This company has screwed me something rotten & cost me over 14,000. They have a deliberate policy of lying to cover-up their mistakes, especially when a client takes their complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Do not deal with them or any of their subsidiaries. They are out to fleece you in a similar way the way the 'Bucket Shops' in the USA did to their punters in the early 1900s. I do not write this lightly; they are cheats, thieves & liers.

Rating: 0.5Review by: Marc WalkerDate: 2009-09-23

Dreadful service

As a user of City Index for about a year i can only describe the experience as dreadful. There customer service never bother to return any calls if asked and they are very quick to cancel out all your trades as per their new arrangements if you hit the minimum margin level. Rather then selecting some of the trades they clear them all thus profiting themselves from your mistake.