UK General Election Spread Betting - 7 May 2015

UK General Election on 7 May 2015 promises to be one of the most fiercely fought elections in a generation and looks certain to deliver no clear winner, according to the latest polls. And yet despite, the latest polls' data, the betting markets show the majority backing David Cameron and the Tories to take most seats on 7 May.

Where to spread bet on the UK General Election:

ToriesLabourSNPLib DemsUKIP
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ToriesLabourLib DemsUKIP

* - spreads are as of 18:00 on 13 April 2015 and are subject to change.

Please note, we only work with FCA regulated brokers and this list will be updated as more providers offer bets on the election.

Why punter are betting on the Tories?

According to the same happened during 2010 elections where punters were expecting the Conservatives to get the majority but we all know that they had to seek help from Liberal Democrats to form a coalition; and it was all downhill for Lib Dems after that.

Will the Tories Get Majority of the Seats?

Once again, according to the latest polls they are neck-in-neck with the Labour and SNP hope for this to stay so they could become the kingmaker in Westminster offering to back Ed Miliband to become the prime minister. One thing for certain, we still know nothing with certainty and the next government could be a shaky one and could undermine UK economic recovery.

What to Expect on the Election Day

One would expect high volatility on the FX markets, particularly when it comes to British Pound. Financial markets seem to favour David Cameron to stay in power and proceed with his prudent budget management even if it could hurt some of the most vulnerable. Financial markets want stability and it seems that even Labour supporters don't know exactly what to expect if labour come to power. It's natural to say that we should expect volatility in GBP/USD throughout the night as the results come in.


This general election is set to go to the wire and if the opinion polls are right then we should expect more volatility in the currency markets while the new government tries to form a coalition.

Just because it's 7 May and all the results are in, don't drop your guard as financial markets never sleep and expect the unexpected.